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Classroom Celebrations & Birthday Guidelines


It is customary in the elementary schools of the township to have a Halloween Party, a holiday party in December, and end-of-the-year party for the children.  These parties are planned by the teachers and the PTO Room Parents.  In order to defray expenses and provide refreshments for the three parties, we collect a small contribution from each child.  Parents who volunteer to assist with class activities and parties ARE NOT to bring younger siblings to the event without the teacher’s approval.


We are happy to acknowledge your child’s birthday at JMP. Please comply with the following rules:

  • All items MUST be brought to the office before being
  • sent to the classroom
  • NO candy            
  • NO SUGAR as first ingredient
  • NO parties in classroom
  • Only single serve snacks which can be given out easily on a napkin, nothing which needs to be cut, served or poured. Examples: Munchkins, soft pretzels,
  • Goodie Bags are allowed under the following guidelines:
    • Nothing edible in the bags
    • Nothing resembling a weapon, such as a water gun
  • drinks are unnecessary, but if sent in, must be small bottles of water or 100% fruit juice boxes/bags
  • Please respect the dietary restrictions of your child’s classmates.  Find out from the teacher if there are any children with allergies in your child’s class.